Seriously. Worse than Donghae would be, I just know that.  (If I ever get the chance, please do not let me and Donghae explore any town ever. We would end up in Narnia or something. Though I guess that could be kinda cool actually).

So uh. My bus. The one I had triple-checked. And then double-checked again. I was checking the wrong timetable, not the summer one, but the one for spring. This leads to the juicy equation of

  • one anxious Pumsie 
  • who forgot to take her Hae fan 
  • on the hottest day of the year (probably)
  • a bus that never came because it arrived 1.50, not 2.20 (And I was on the bus stop like… at 2.12 so that I certainly wouldn’t be late. ;__; ) 
  • A run all over the freaking town (my feet are so sore and I hurt my ankle and ugh ugbh uhjdfhjugugh)
  • I’ve never taken a bus to this other city before (yes my job is out of the town sobs)
  • And I was supposed to be there at 3pm. 
  • Well, after an hour or so of headless running, crying and sobbing
  • I actually found a bus (that I almost missed)
  • but it took me to the right place. ;___; <3 (after taking like 98758958 detours e__e )
  • I also got some random dood’s phone number because he was worried about me lol. 
  • I also got cold vanilla soy milk that I had left there the other day and I swear nothing has ever tasted better than that. ;___; 
  • And my boss wasn’t angry. \;u;/ She actually hugged me. >__> Although I was late for like… way over an hour. OTL

All in all, the job seems pretty easy actually, I learned how to use the payment machine thingie (the one you put your credit/debit card in and vanish all your money into), and blah blah blah stuff, and the customers seem pretty nice from what I’ve seen so far. I ALSO GET TO DRESS UP THE MODEL DOLLS!!!!!!! AS OFTEN AS I WANT!!! SYHDGJGFHFR This tiny little sunshiny second-hand vintage (well.. at least some of it is vintage) shoppe and omg. I get to dress model dolls. Starting tomorrow for real now. ;___; 

I’m sure I will forget something, like.. idk. There’s so many little things to remember and I have such a horrible memory idk how I even got this job in the first place but. ;_____; 

Oh my god. I am so nervous I am not ready to have a job I am not ready to take responsibility I am five years old Donghae help me. ;A; 


/relevant gif is relevant. 

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