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pats hyukjae

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…..then there’s Yesung.

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why are you both like this OTL

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S.M.ART Exhibition poster

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"It's important to know when you've been beaten"

Shim Changmin as The evil Queen King

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Zhou Mi (Everysing poster) 
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Exo kids

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When I first got to Korea, I did not know a word of Korean. So when the company noona brought me around the practice rooms to meet the other trainees, I saw Xiumin practicing. Since I watched a lot of Korean dramas, and they say oppa a lot, so I greeted him: “Hello, oppa.”
---Tao (Youku interview)  (via 19930502)
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[official news] Kangin is returning to Super Junior after 3 years.

Kangin is returning to Super Junior after 3 years. Kangin, who will be discharged from the military service on the 16th will join his place as a member of Super Junior with a new resolution. His company SM entertainment has confirmed his return from within and are in the process of related work. Fans may be able to have Super Junior’s new album with Kangin in the first half of the year, at the earliest.

Kangin was not active in the team with scandalous incidents in September and October 2009. He entered the military July the year after, after self-restraint. Super Junior without Kangin performed World tours with the boom of K-Pop and had huge hits with their 4th album ‘Bonamana’ and the 5th album ‘Mr Simple’. They grew immensely enough that the missing place without Kangin could have been forgotten. However, the members did not forget Kangin. In fact, they are full of will to reach even higher together with Kangin.

A representative said that ‘The members’ friendship has deepened more than ever’ and that ‘every time Kangin would be on his break, they would spend time together in the dorm and got rid of all the upset feelings and the misunderstandings they have had before’

Kangin’s return to the team was a planned move. Kangin, in an interview after the initial training has said “I can bear the pain that may be there because there are people who are waiting for me and will remember me. I want to become a more mature person, with rights to be loved, putting my weaker self from before and stand up straight again.’ and confirmed his determination.

 Members are the same. Leeteuk in the MBC’s Radio Star in 23rd of Sept. 2010 has said “(at the time) we felt betrayed but after a while, we thought that it was only the members who were able to defend him.’ and showed his will on Kangin’s return.

 In Super Show 3 in August 2010, SJ showed their love for Kangin during his military service by showing him as a hologram. It is known that some of the members will be at his dischargement to greet and congratulate him on the 16th.

Super Junior is currently on their world tour of ‘Super Show 4’. They have the plans to reveal their new album in the first half of the year.

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